Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

Ask about our group support services today

Not having any success going about things on your own? Having a supportive group behind you will make all the difference in the world. Grace Place & Zachary Place are more than just a place to lay your head - we're family.

Our group will encourage you to overcome whatever you're struggling with. You can even celebrate holidays and birthdays with us. Call (218) 348-6273 today for more information about our group support services.

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Look to us for group support right away

Find all the group support you need at Grace Place & Zachary Place. You'll enjoy group support because:

  • You'll have opportunities to serve the community through volunteer and outreach
  • You'll hear from volunteer speakers
  • You'll learn special skills that will empower you
  • You'll take part in fun activities
  • You'll find support through house meetings

We also host monthly group meetings where we always bring food. Reach out now to learn more about our group support services.